Friday, November 4, 2011

The Trinity Debate: Perkins vs White Audio

The mp3 and Audio CDs of the Roger Perkins vs James White Debate are now available for purchase.

The Trinity Debate

Roger Perkins (Oneness) vs James White (Trinitarian)

Proposed: Did the Son, as a self-conscious divine Person distinct from the Father and Holy Spirit, exist prior to His incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth?

James White affirms

Roger Perkins denies

3 Hours

The debate was moderated by an Agnostic who is a professional moderator.

The Debate contains:

• Introduction

• Opening Statements

• First Rebuttals

• Second Rebuttals

• First Cross-Examination

• Second Cross-Examination

• Closing Statements

• Audience Questions

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We thank Brother Roger Perkins for giving Defenders of the Faith the privilege of carrying his debate materials.