Friday, April 30, 2010

Book: Vow of the Nazarite by Roger Perkins

From the Back Cover:

Does Scripture actually address issues such as one's hair, apparel and jewelry? Can obedience to God's Word really be considered bondage? What is the true meaning of a legalist? Is it consistent theology to practice and loudly proclaim certain portions of the Bible and then willfully disregard others? Did God's people ever wear wedding rings or make-up in the Bible? If not, from where do these practices originate?

I can tell you before you even read the first page that unless you have the devoted heart of a Nazarite you'll discard this book about a quarter-ways through. However, if artificially and worldly materialism isn't for you, then take heart, because this books is!

If you're going to read only one book on holiness this year. Make it this one. Great gift for those who do not understand the Apostolic, biblical, doctrines of separation from the world.

Vow of the Nazarite.
ISBN: 0-9764881-0-8
92 pages
$US 10.00