Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Pro-Life?

Why Pro-Life: Caring for the Unborn and their Mothers.
This is one of the easiest books to understand and apply in daily conversations on the subject of abortion. One of the hottest topics in the presidential race, everyone needs to be informed about this issue.

No issue is more divisive or troubling than abortion. Many believe that we have to choose between helping women and helping children. This books shows how critical it is that we help both. In a concise, nonabrasive fashion, Randy Alcorn offers compassionate, factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate.

The back cover shows an award-winning photo of an operation on Sarah Marie Switzer, a twenty-four-week unborn child... born two months later.

This book should not be missing from any Christian family's library.

Note that this book is also available in Spanish
$8 plus $3.50 for shipping & handling.